“Successful people become great leaders when they learn to shift the focus from themselves to others.”

– Marshall Goldsmith

“Once you have reached your goal set yourself another”

– Malcolm Cambell



There is leadership theory and there is the performance of leadership. 

Managers and staff often do not make progress after hours – even months or years – of learning. They do not really feel a difference in how they perform.

Being persuasive is a skill that calls upon being genuine and speaking from one’s core values; the best actors know what this feeling is. It is not simulating for effect, but reaching into the depths of one’s inner truth.

Often our voice can fail us even though our knowledge and experience are solid; we cannot get the right words out, or in the right way to provide proper impact.

• A business leader must perform successfully in a variety of high-pressure, high-profile situations, that we create in performance coaching.

• “What got you here won’t take you there”

• We use embodied performance techniques to get physical with leadership and push boundaries.

• We guide clients to real, powerful and measurable improvements in their performance, that they will experience from the very outset of the coaching experience.

• By embodying what we are in HOW we are, through techniques that are anchored into powerful words and behaviour, as leaders, we step up to the mark.

• Here, our expertise working with actors and in high-profile leadership roles provides the reassurance you need.

Embodied leadership…

..is a breakthrough technique combining the skills of drama training, Kinesics, and many insights gained from the ideas of Neuroplasiticity, Integration training (Mark Walsh), Somatic coaching (Richard Strozzi-Heckler), Leonard Energy Training (George Leonard), and the very important U-Theory (Otto Scharmer), incorporating ‘the Blind spot of leadership’ and ‘Leading from the emerging future’.