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tostig – P.in.E is run by Peter Zoeftig and Julia Charnley – Qualified trainers and coaches.
Both with more than 30 years’ experience of training and business management.
Having impactful communication skills is essential to successful outcomes in business – does your team have a level of performance required to lead international projects in English?

All workshops are tailor-made to each client’s needs with the aim of maximising effectiveness in the complex international workplace.
Our programmes are either hands-on and in English to focus on key aspects of participants’ performance in real contexts or Online via virtual meetings.

Embodied Coaching is usually delivered over one – five days with a daily immersion of ±8 hours; from just 8 hours to up to 40 hours in total; when this is transferred online, it will spread out over a longer period.

Maximum number of participants per course: 8.
Suitable minimum English language level: B2/C1 or C2 Expert

In every course the emphasis is directly on: *experiential learning,

*self-observation  *acting out real and potentially real scenarios;

The attendee will: *gain awareness

*an improved physical mastery of words  *and of him/herself though embodied coaching

– with a hard edge of repetitive practice.

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