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“With tostig as my executive coach, I have extensively changed my professional and leadership approach. I now see myself more objectively. Peter quickly uncovered the problems I made in the past, and provided the tools I need to understand how others perceive me. With my newly honed skills, I can adjust my actions and modify my behaviour for increasingly positive results. These indispensable lessons will serve me well as I continue to improve my skills.”

“I appreciate very much working with tostig and having them as my coach ‘in the background’ for preparing various meetings, presentations and statements, as well as for the continuous improvement of my English language skills with ‘on the job’ issues; and not to mention the highly flexible arrangement of our lessons on Skype entirely according to my needs.”

“As for my professional life, firstly I can tell you that it has consisted of two stages. One of them, before Peter’s coaching, and the other, since Peter. Before having the coaching, I didn’t expect that to be possible….now, I’m more relaxed with business communication because I have an increased awareness about my inner experiences and my environment. I’m reaching a 360 degree view. As Peter well knows, people have sometimes lost the right way to conducting healthy communication. Peter is a talented and professional coach from whom I would like to get more coaching to improve my communication and learning ability from where I am now, to an even higher level in the future. We went to the place where ‘There is an I within me, deep, deeper than I…”

“Being coached in English with Peter Zoeftig at tostig, was the best learning experience I’ve ever had. He helped me to improve my English in listening, understanding, reading and writing. Additionally Peter coached my presentations skills using video camera replay, which was very helpful for me. I feel much better now in private conversation and, more especially, in business communication.

Peter looked after me the whole day, we had all our meals together, we went to nice English pubs and visited great evening attractions such as fireworks and so on, together.

I highly recommend learning with Performance In English, with Peter, because of the excellent combination of language training and business coaching that he provides.”

“I have been receiving coaching from P.in.E. for many months now, using Skype, and am finding this to be both very practical and extremely effective. Rather contrary to my expectations, I have been able, with regular, completely flexible, and intensive Skype sessions, to make tremendous progress in my understanding of how English works, listening ability and processing skills, enabling me to compose my words much more effectively.

“All in all I am very satisfied, and moreover, very favourably impressed by the techniques that have been used to lead me, in just a few months, from what originally was a low B1 level to a borderline C1, and I am very surprised at the enhancements that I feel and with my own ability, to do now, things that I was not dreaming of doing just a while ago. To be able to achieve this remotely through Skype, has been a revelation: P.I.E’s method is original and I recommend it wholeheartedly.”

I am pleased to recommend Peter as a very skilled coach and professional communications trainer… at all times, whether during coaching sessions or other activities, he was attentive to my needs and provided me with the exact opportunities in terms of performance development and skills training, which were required, in order for me to reach highly specific professional and personal goals.  In addition, over the several sessions, he ensured a smooth continuance of learning with the integration of fresh challenges. All in all, Peter showed an acute awareness of my needs and great acumen in guiding me towards a deeper awareness of my communicative competence and furthermore, to building the techniques suited to meeting my goals.”

“I would like to take this opportunity to recommend P.in.E. for the very high level of coaching and skills development that I experienced. P.in.E. helped me to gain a better understanding of how to deal with tough management situations using English. I felt supported at all times and able to work at a suitable pace, with an excellent balance between challenging tasks, reflective learning and directed guidance. The atmosphere created in training sessions was perfect; I made clear and definable steps towards my objectives, at each meeting. The combination of respectful listening to my needs and highly professional converting of these into specific goals, was very satisfying.”

“Peter’s experiences and skills in both NLP and teaching makes him a particularly efficient English coach. Moreover his general knowledge allows him to adapt to any specific need that his clients may have…  For instance, in three intensive weeks, Peter succeeded in leading me from an intermediate level of English to a sufficiently advanced level, to reach my goals, namely, to be accepted onto a top-10 MBA program. No small feat!  I can never thank him enough for his guidance, and I strongly recommend Peter to anyone who wants to improve their English in a friendly, effective and intensive way.”

“I met Peter at an intensive seminar. I was pleased to meet an excellent teacher, and also to share our passions and around our common values: man at work, in society, personal coaching and team coaching. No doubt we will continue our constructive dialogue in order to enrich each other in our respective experiences.”

“Peter has demonstrated and led result-driven sessions of coaching with satisfaction. Following his NLP training re-ignites an intuitive reflection of who we are, what we ought to have and the challenge to strive against what we may see as hopelessness. Thank you Peter, for being your trainee.”

“ Speaking a foreign language involves four dimensions:  grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation but also the image of thought as an expression in your mind.

You can learn grammar and vocabulary easily;  3 new words or phrases in a day, 3X365=1,095 in a year. Not bad! And these are points that you can learn yourself…

But, when you learn to speak (in any language), in order to improve pronunciation and to imagine your expression and what you mean, mentally, you must get coaching.

If you don’t live with your second or working language or don’t have enough time for detailed learning, this kind of improvement needs the help of an expert.

Combining all these dimensions with coaching from tostig, like me, you will get more satisfaction!  “

“Having received coaching at different times from Performance In English by Skype and face to face, and for some while now, I am happy to say that they quickly uncovered my problems and contributed significantly to my learning curve. In doing so, they provided effective tools for the correction of my mistakes. Moreover this helped me to gain a better understanding of how to communicate with others more calmIy and effectively. Nowadays I am able to see myself more objectively and I’m much more relaxed with my business communication. I always rely on their coaching and I highly recommend tostig to you.”

“I am glad to have the opportunity to testify to the professionalism with which Peter has coached me in English: his patience and his active listening to my needs has allowed me to rapidly improve my communication skills. More specifically, he helped me, a French native speaker, to understand better the English way of expressing ideas, i.e. straight to the point. His methods were highly effective, and very diverse.”

“This was the third time that I had had Peter as my personal coach, and again I enjoyed working with him very much; moreover my stay and the coaching itself were in a beautiful location, in a perfect atmosphere; I highly recommend going there and relying on Peter’s coaching.

Peter saw clearly the topics that I needed training with, and concentrated fully on my business and personal targets:  not only the improvement of my English language skills, but even more than that, my self-awareness, listening skills and confidence in using communication strategies.”

A beautiful and rewarding experience with P.in.E. both in terms of English and coaching, this was an original blend of role-playing, class, cultural exchange with native-speakers and clearly-defined outputs, allowing me to see measurable progress in a few days.
Peter and I worked  both with careful listening and coaching sessions, using NLP, which were equally intense. Combining our methods and discussing the use of our coaching tools, was extremely rewarding.

Thank you very much. Again, a good experience, which from my point of view was perfect.

It was a very good experience learning English with P.in.E.. It was most interesting for me to learn how to give improved presentations using video feedback, filming me on camera.