Getting the balance right.

Being persuasive is a skill that calls upon being genuine and speaking from one’s core values; the best actors know what this feeling is. It is not simulating for effect, but reaching into the depths of one’s inner truth.

Having a real impact means being in the right state, emotionally, physically and mentally. The “right” state can be anything you want it to be. We can achieve this with the help of NLP, hypnotherapy, visualisation techniques, anchoring techniques, practice with voice adaptation, kinesiology, and emotional intelligence.


The key issues of pitch, tempo, emphasis, pause, movement, rhythm, avoiding the mistakes – so often seen – of sounding either boring, monotonous, flat or laborious (at one end of the spectrum) – or over-excited, panicked, hectoring and shrill (at the other end of the spectrum) can be powerfully overcome!

(Of course, in comedy, the above “mistakes” might be welcome!)

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